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SuperMoss is the leading manufacturer & supplier of moss and moss decorative items in the home & garden, floral, and craft markets. Their mission is to design a beautiful and unique product, delivered to our customers with outstanding service that makes them smile.

About this Manufacturer

SuperMoss is the leading manufacturer and supplier of moss and moss decorative items in the lawn & garden, floral, and craft markets. Our business has been headquartered in Santa Barbara, California for 22 years with distribution centers in Reading, PA and Santa Paula, CA. SuperMoss continually works toward robust logistics and detailed customer service to ensure our clients the highest fulfillment rates.

From mosses to hanging baskets to soils and iron work, SuperMoss continues to lead the decorative gardening category. Our newest products illustrate our dedication to product development, quality and continuous improvement. Our mission is simple: to provide an excellent product line with beautiful presentation and impeccable service to our customers.

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