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The Master Gardner Company has over 25 years of experience in the industry and is proud to be the leading manufacturer of landscape, geotextile, and frost protection fabric. Master Gardner has several additional product lines including wheelbarrows, spreaders, and tree staking products. We provide quality retail and commercial lawn and garden supplies at a competitive price.

About This Manufacturer

The Master Gardner Company, a division of PCI, was founded in December 1989. 

Our goal is to provide landscape solutions to the retail & commercial market with an emphasis on weed control through engineered textile products.

The retail product line addresses a variety of applications with an assortment of products for the consumer; centered on landscape fabrics for weed control, however also including tree care, plant care and plastic netting & fence.

The Commercial division acts with a singular focus of contractor satisfaction. Aware that the variety of landscape challenges require an equal variety of fabric solutions The Company offers a broad selection of weed control and geo-textile fabrics.

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