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Dale Thomas Associates has now been in business over 11 years with a staff that has more sales and marketing experience than IBM, almost . We chose to represent products in multiple industries to maximize our travels and sales calls. Most of our factories cross multiple lines offering you a broader selection of products. Dale Thomas Associates speaks to janitorial supply, plumbing, hardware, and garden stores. Contact us for more details, product information, and to schedule an appointment by clicking here.

dale thomas associates

What Our Clients Say

“Dale sincerely appreciates our business and doesn’t try to push what doesn’t fit.”

Dale Joslin – Flying Hawk Hardware

“Dale somehow knows exactly when to see us and always has something new or a new promotion to share.”

Lisa Harrison – Hagan Ace hardware

“Dale responds to questions and issues immediately, even on weekends.”

Tina Nelson – Busy Bee Lawn & Garden

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