A Little About Dale Thomas Associates...


     The first thing you observe working with Dale Thomas Associates is our service to you. We respond fast, get answers quickly, and go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met. We strive to develop long-term customers and consider you our good friend. Our team watches out for you and your business so you are more profitable. Our associates strive to get you the best deals for the products you buy and sell. If you prefer not to receive specials and promotions from our multiple delivery methods, kindly drop us a note.

   Dale Thomas Associates has now been in business over 11 years with a staff that has more sales and marketing experience than IBM, almost . We chose to represent products in multiple industries to maximize our travels and sales calls. Most of our factories cross multiple lines offering you a broader selection of products. Dale Thomas Associates speaks to janitorial supply, plumbing, hardware, and garden stores. Contact us for more details, product information, and to schedule an appointment by clicking here.























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