TPIE -  Ft. Lauderdale, 1/20 - 1/22, 2016


  Fla Hdwe Show Orlando  2/13-2/14, 2016


  Fla Hdwe Show Orlando 8/13-8/14, 2016


  IGC Chicago, 8/16-8/18, 2016


  Landscape Show Orlando (was FNATS),

  9/15-9/17, 2016


  BWI Show, Nashville TN., 9/19-9/21, 2016



Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits


Summit Chemical Co.

Protecting you…and the environment we live in.


















Dale Thomas Associates is proud to represent some of the highest quality manufacturers in the US.  You can check out our products in the categories below or see our Products page for a complete listing...


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